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Miliano LED Light Therapy

This treatment is made possible by the only LED (light emitting diode) Mask that holds an LED patent technology for its kind. Unlike its competitors, this Mask holds its edge with customized 1,026 LED lights that effectively use wavelengths on your skin to return its youthful balance.

This 4th generation Platinum LED Mask covers the whole face, making sure that the LED is well distributed for a more even and effective treatment. The equipment itself is tailor-fit to give maximum coverage to achieve that lustrous glow.

Pain-free and targeted skin solution

Whether it be acne, acne scars or other skin blemishes, the Miliano LED Light Therapy has been proven to be effective in improving various skin problems in just four weeks. It can reduce and even erase freckles and wrinkles, while bringing out your skin’s inner glow.

The LED Mask used in the procedure comes with three wavelengths and four modes. Each of which works in differing capacities to target skin imperfections.

The Red+NIR mode is for healing, skin rejuvenation, and pore improvement.
The Blue mode is for purification of the dermis. It gets rid of the bacteria that cause blackheads and acne. Deep and painless cleaning gives it the edge in skin treatment.
The Pink mode is best for fighting acne and skin redness to restore that lustrous, even complexion.


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