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IV Drips

The Miliano IV Drip Collection

Get your treatments faster and more efficiently with these IV drip treatments to reap the rewards for your skin in no time!

White Radiance Glutathione IV Drip

Get second glances with ligher and brighter skin from head to toe with our White Radiance Glutathione IV Drip!

White Radiance Glutathione IV Mini

Reap the same benefits but at a more affordable price with the White Radiance Glutathione IV Mini.

Acne IV

Whether you have short-term, periodic or chronic acne, our Acne IV is the treatment to end this dilemma.

Slimming IV

This exciting, innovative procedure promotes fat burning IV infusion to optimize weight reduction.

Miliano Collagen IV Drip

While the quest for the Fountain of Youth continues, our Miliano Collagen IV Drip is here to take care of your anti-aging and overall wellness needs.

Miliano Collagen & Glutathione IV Drip

Get collagen and glutathione drips – two of the most sought after treatments – in just one session!

Miliano Multivitamin IV Drip

Our Miliano Multivitamin IV Drip helps boost your immune system and increase your energy.


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